Sometimes it could be difficult to find out what the ideal paper cone size is for your French fries or other finger food. On this page we will explain how we determine the size of a paper cone.

A paper cone is never too big!

First of all a paper cone is never too big. Are you not sure about the size you need, take a fry cone that is definitely large enough. Because when the paper cone is too big you take a pair of scissors and cut the cone back to the desired size. 

How is the size determined?

The size of a Paper Cone (PC) is determined by measuring the top side, open side, of the fry cone. When the length of the open side is 17 cm, we call it a PC 17 or if it 26 cm we call it a PC 26. Easy! 

In the table below you can find the contents of the different paper cone sizes. 

PC 10 PC 13 PC 15  PC 17 PC 19 PC 21 PC 23 PC 26
Too small for French fries 100 grams of French Fries 130 grams of French Fries  150 grams of French Fries  225 grams   of French Fries  290 grams   of French Fries  380 grams   of French Fries 470 grams   of French Fries

Best sellers 

The PC 17 and PC 19 are our best sellers. Do you want to serve two different portions of fries? We advise to choose the PC 17 and 21. If you want to serve three different portions, we advise a PC 17, PC 21 and PC 26.

Size advice?

Are you not sure about which size is right for you? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you!

Cone Holders

Our stainless steel cone holder is suitable to a PC 17 and bigger. The wooden 1 meter cone is for 11 cones is suitable to PC 13 to PC 17.